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Why Nepal with Inter Nepal Geo Tours?

In a small periphery of 147181 sq. km, in a length of 885 km from the east to the west is the world’s longest Himalayan region where the 9 highest peaks of the world are situated including Mt. Everest. In a small width of 200 km from the Indian plains of the Terai in the south through the greeneries of hilly region to the highest Himalayan ranges of the north, you will realize every climate of the world. From the sweating 40 degree C of the southern plains to the -40 degree C of the Himalayan region, it is found the richest bio-diversity of the world. From 67 meters above sea level of the Terai to the top of the world (8848m.) the climate will be changed in every one hour.

As the living museum of the world, happy and smiling Nepalese people of more than 103 different ethnic groups with their own culture, languages, customs and tradition and the way of life welcoming you everywhere makes you a feeling of meeting the best real friends and the happiest poor you ever seen and touched.

Two hundred and eighty million of people offering 33 million of god and goddesses with 10 world heritage sites in a small area make you feel the relation between the real divinity and the richest cultural and religious way of life. Eight hundred sixty three types of bird and 1500 types of butterfly including one horned rhinoceros, royal Bengal tigers, two types of crocodiles lying everywhere in the river, and even Yeti are our welcoming friends to you . Sixteen national parks including hunting parks and wild-life reserves are your lodges (at least for 2 nights) to watch animals and birds on elephant’s back (safari).

The trekking from the Indian plains to the highest Himalayas including the three best trekking of the world has made Nepal a real paradise or Shangri-la and the only aim and attraction of the youth and mountaineers or trekkers of the world. Three hundred permanent white water rivers from the Himalayas are always waiting you for your adventure through rafting and kayaking completed from 3 hours to 3 weeks.

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