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About Bhutan

About Bhutan

Bhutan is situated in the Eastern Himalayas of southern Central Asia and is bordered on the north and Northwest by the Tibet Autonomous Region of China and to the west, southwest, south and east with Indian states of Sikkim, West Bengal, Assam and Arunachal Pradesh. The Kingdom of Bhutan is a landlocked nation in the Himalaya Mountains, sandwiched between India and China in South Asia. The Bhutanese call their country Druk Yul (land of the thunder dragon). Historically Bhutan was known by many names, such as Lho Mon (southern land of darkness), Lho Tsendenjong (southern land of the Tsenden cypress), and Lhomen Khazhi (southern land of four approaches). The origins of the name Bhutan are unclear; historians have suggested that it may have originated in variations of the Sanskrit words Bhota-ant (the end of Bhot – another word for Tibet, which Bhutan is immediately south of), or Bhu-uttan (highlands). The word Bhutan as a name for the country dates from the late 19th century.
often known as Shangri-La. For a country of its size, Bhutan is a land of spectacular contrasts and stunning beauty. It was the mighty Himalayas, which protected Bhutan from the rest of the world and left the kingdom blissfully untouched. The Drukpa Kagyu School of Mahayana Buddhism provided the essence of a rich culture and a fascinating history. The Bhutanese people protected this sacred heritage and unique identity for centuries by choosing to remain shrouded deeply in a jealously guarded isolation.

Because of a deep traditional reverence that the Bhutanese have for nature, the kingdom is one of the leading countries in environmental preservation. Bhutan is also the Champions of The Earth Award 2005 from the United Nations Environment Programme. More than 65 per cent of the land area is still under forest cover. Its rich Himalayan flora and fauna, dazzling white peaks and lush valleys provide Bhutan's stunning beauty and aesthetic grandeur. It is often said that even the most experienced traveler will find Bhutan to be 'a revelation'. Bhutan is perhaps the only nation in the world where billboards and tobacco are banned.

In this country known as Druk Yul, the 'Land of the Peaceful Dragon, the fortunate visitor will find a rare combination of harmony and accord, amidst a landscape of incredible natural beauty. The air is clean and unpolluted the mountains magnificent and the architecture inspiring. Whatever the purpose, a visit to Bhutan is indeed a journey into an enchanted realm. Bhutan maintains a policy of strictly limiting the number of people who can visit the country in a single year. All visitors are charged fixed tariffs for services such as the provision of accommodation, transport, guides and meals. Our tours to Bhutan will give you the insights to this less spoiled Himalayan country.

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