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Bhote Koshi White Water River Rafting Nepal - 2 Days

The Bhote Koshi is one of the best white water adventures in Nepal (class 4 to 5). Your journey to the starting point takes you through the mountains, past a vista of traditional Tibetan life. Once you're on the river, though there is no time to stop and admire the scenery, as you and your fellow rafters negotiate some of the fastest and steepest rapids in Nepal. This true adventure can be rafted between October and December and February and April.

A beautiful steep mountain river only a few hours drive from Kathmandu offering two days of intense and challenging activity. The River "Bhote" roughly translates as "river from Tibet" so there are quite a lot of rivers with this name in Nepal. This Bhote kosi is the main branch of the sun Kosi and it has been descended by kayak from near the Tibetan border at Kodari. The Arniko Highway follows the river from Kathamandu to Lhasa, so access and souting are relatively easy. The upper valley above Barabise is impressively narrow with steep hill sides shooting up over 200m from the river, and there are come dramatic and scenic gorges down at river lever. Just to drive up the highway and look at the river is like reading an erotic novel- it quickens the blood and excites the mind!

Technically, the Bhote kosi ends just after Barabise where the Sun Kosi joins as a stream from the left: we have taken our description down to the dam at lamosangu, as this is the usual run. There is a new hydro scheme near Kodari and proposals for other schemes that if implemented at some time in the future, will mean that almost all of the river will be diverted. This isn’t the raft trip for everyone, but if you're into fun, challenge, intense physical activity, and non-stop action then this could be you. It makes a great dimax for any team who have just finished a longer multi-day raft trip and want to continue the adrenaline high that white water induces.

Outline Itinerary
Day 01:
Drive to Tibet border then Rafting
Day 02:
Rafting & Drive back to Kathmandu

Fixed Departure Dates for Bhote Koshi White Water River Rafting

15th - 16th March

18th - 19th March

20th - 21st March

24th - 25th March

27th - 28th March

29th - 30th March

2nd - 3rd April

5th - 6th April

8th - 9th April

12th - 13th April

16th - 17th April

20th - 21st April

24th - 25th April

28th - 29th April

31st April - 1st May

5th - 6th may

9th - 10th May

14th - 15th May

18th - 19th May

24th - 25th May

28th - 29th May

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